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Black Metal Cult Records was formed in 2007. It is an Elite, National Socialist, Record Label. We have specialized in many genres of extreme music and produced over 60 releases worldwide. We have also published over 125 Books for Aryan Kindred all over the world. We have shirts, patches and more..


“Long Live National Socialism.”

-Pastor David J. Miner  |  Owner / Executive Producer



(World View) The Philosophy Of Aryan Nationalism: Irrefutable Facts Of Scripture, History, And Science.

NATION Is A Racial, Cultural And Spiritual Cohesion Of People.

RACE Is The Blood And Soul Of Our Nation. The Individual Is Part Of The Nation, With A Share In It’s Purpose. The Individual Does Not Live For Himself, But For His Nation, And Posterity; For They Are Constant While The Individual Is Transient. Individuals Are Shackled By The Constant Struggle To Survive, And Only A Nation Of People Who Accept The Struggle Will Survive: Only A Nation Can Be Free. Men Are The Mind And Seed Of The Nation. Women Are The Heart And Earth Of Our Nation. The Eldery Are The Historical Treasures And Wisdom Of The Nation.

FAMILY Is The Foundation Of Our Nation; From It The Structure Of The Nation Is Derived, Without It The Nation Ceases To Exist.

CHILDREN Are The Immortality Of The Nation And It’s Most Precious Gifts. Children Are The Reason And Purpose Of The Nation; Their Rights Are Absolute. All Exist For The Child’s Well Being.

NATURE Is Unwritten Law Of The Nation: Kind Unto Kind.

SOCIAL JUSTICE, The Structure Of Aryan Government, Is Derived From The Law Word Of Our EVERLIVING FATHER AND GOD.