Armed & Ready-Your Comprehensive Blueprint to Concealed Carry Confidence (DVD)


Armed & Ready-Your Comprehensive Blueprint to Concealed Carry Confidence (DVD)


Disc 1: The Big Picture

Making The Choice To Protect & Defend

  • The need for law abiding citizens to become their own first line of defense.
  • Challenges law enforcement professionals face (number of officers vs. skyrocketing rate of violent crime)
  • The alarming reality of police response times (when seconds count the police are minutes away)
  • Surveillance video, media footage, and FBI crime statistics too disturbing to ignore

Disc 2: Gear Up

Guns, Ammo, & Accessories For The Responsibly Armed American

  • Tools of the trade and the importance of choosing the ones right for you.
  • Handguns: The great debate of semi-autos vs. revolvers, and the fit and function of each
  • Holsters: Discussing the different styles and carry options and finding the concealment method that works best for you
  • Ammunition: Studying the various types of ammo, their stopping power, and how to manage recoil

Disc 3: Get On Target

Mastering Basic Marksmanship

  • How to build proper marksmanship skills from scratch.
  • Muzzle management and trigger-finger discipline
  • How to build a solid foundation through proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and sight picture
  • Be able to identify, clear, and correct common malfunctions
  • Dry fire and live fire drills that will be easy for you to practice safely in your home or at the range

Disc 4: Build Your Skills

Preparing For Action

  • How to recognize, assess, and react to potential threats.
  • What it means to "move off the X" and the important difference between cover and concealment
  • Life-saving drills for shooting on the move, from cover, and within close quarters
  • How to master the double tap, how to rapid fire, and how to complete quick and efficient tactical reloads

Disc 5: Dangers We Face

Understanding The Criminal Mind

  • Examine the disturbing mindset of a violent criminal.
  • How to develop your mental preparedness for encountering a dangerous threat
  • Life-saving benefits of situational awareness and conflict avoidance
  • How to reinforce and fortify your home and the best ways to implement family battle drills
  • The startling physiological and psychological effects of violent encounters

Disc 6: Deadly Force Decisions

Knowing When You Can And Can't Use Force

  • What you can expect to happen immediately after you use your firearm to defend yourself or your loved ones.
  • The true meaning of the Reasonable Person Standard
  • Rules governing the Use of Deadly Force inside and outside the home
  • The difference between the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws
  • How to respond and what to say and what NOT to say when the police arrive after you use your gun in self-defense

Disc 7: After The Shot

Legal Issues Of Self-Defense

  • How you can prepare yourself for the legal battle that will follow a self-defense shooting.
  • Eye-opening revelations about what happens after you pull the trigger
  • How to develop a plan and support system now, before you need it, and how it can keep you out of jail and bankruptcy
  • Your legal journey and how to navigate what potentially lies ahead

Disc 8: Your Continuing Journey

Self-Defense Doesn't Stop Here

  • Tying it all together.
  • The importance of continuously maintaining your skill set
  • The perpetual evolution of equipment, strategies, tactics, and techniques, and why it's so important to stay in the know
  • Best ways to keep up with the ever-changing firearm laws and regulations
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