Armegedda-Echoes In Eternity (LP)


Armegedda-Echoes In Eternity (LP)


Limited to 500 copies.
Comes in a single cover sleeve and with LP-size 8-page booklet.
Tracks are numbered sequentially over both vinyls & sides.

Track A1 suppose to be "At The Edge Of Negative Existence (From The Split With Woods Of Infinity)" but because of an error Woods Of Infinity track from this split is featured instead.

'At The Edge Of Negative Existence' was recorded back in the chaotic days of December, year 2001. It was later released, if I remember right, somewhere in 2002 by Sombre Records (Germany) as an split EP with the Swedish duet Woods of Infinity.
'Emperor From The Eternal Dark' Was recorded in September 2001.
'A New Era' Recorded same session as 'Emperor From The Eternal Dark'. Previously unreleased.
'World Full Of Lies' & 'Dödens Vind' These two songs was featured on the EP 'Strength Through Torture'. Released by Painiac Records, 2002. Recorded in 2001, credits to Hunok.
'Schizophrenic Paranoia' a kind of experimental track that was recorded 2001...
Wrapped by Darkness, Whore Of God and Satan My Master was tree of the songs who made the "In Blackest Ruin" tape. A mini-LP version of this demo where also made but since that one turned out to be a limited release we choose to use these tracks for "Echoes In Eternity". Recorded during the beginning of 2001. Note: Satan My Master was originally written and performed by Bathory.
'Volkermord Pt. I & II' & 'Mordinstinkt' These three tracks is taken from the first demo. With harsh and simple sound they prove themselves to possess and essence beyond the ordinary.
'A World Full Of Lies' Live in Baroeg, Rotterdam 20.09.2002
'I Am', 'At The Edge Of Negative Existence' & 'Satan My Master' Live in Ieper, Belgium 21.09.2002

[Booklet back cover]:
As you all may know Armagedda will not bring you and future experiences. We decided after the release of Ond Spiritism that it was for the best to put this phenomenon of ours to the past, we felt that we had achieved everything we needed and seen in our dreams. To continue would have been a move in the wrong direction. Grav has chosen another path in life and is forever gone. But as certain as the end came hand in hand with Ond Spiritism a birth and beginning of something else grew in shape. However, that's another story and it will speak for itself somewhere else...

I wish to thank a few individuals for their dedication to our works in the past.
A. Harris, F. Völker, G. Zselencz, E. Massicotte, S. Nicola, Frederic/Painiac, M. Spaller, F. Jesion & Björn at Carnal Records. Perhaps there exist a few more but whatever, you know who you are.
And, Pär Gustavsson for showing that it does exists good people in the south.

All photos taken by [...] during the period 2000-2003
All music written by [...] during the years 1999-2001

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