Bekhira-L'Elu Du Mal (LP)


Bekhira-L'Elu Du Mal (LP)


Limited to 666 copies.
Comes in gatefold cover sleeve and with double-sided lyrics insert.
Tracks are numbered sequentially with Roman numerals over both sides.

Catalog number on cover spine: AMLP 003
Catalog number on vinyl labels: AMLP003

Bekhira still exist and reign as Masters - Don't forget this !
Bekhira proudly play nothing else that Black Metal for the Glory of Evil. Hail Satan ! A.M.S.G.
This is True Black Metal for True Dark Souls ! Fuck all new bands, Fuck all newcomers.
Fuck you all with your pathetic human life and leave us alone ! Don't be with us, fear us, hate us !

10 years of existence and still NO interview, NO contact ! We don't need your support, we just spread HATE !

A thousand demons to worship, only one desire... Armageddon !

This piece of hatred is NOT a bare 'record', 'release' or whatever you may call it. This is a PACT with Aura Mystique Productions !

[Back cover]:
Bekhira proudly play nothing else that Black Metal

Only 1 units of this product remain

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