Ben Klassen-Salubrious Living (BOOK)


Ben Klassen-Salubrious Living (BOOK)


Salubrious Living by Ben Klassen

Learn the health teachings of Salubrious Living, and discover why almost all modern diseases are associated with poor diet and lack of exercise. Complete with a food combination chart, this book explains in detail how to live a healthy, super-vigorous life!

From the introduction:

The term "Salubrious Living" is a nomenclature I have coined as part and parcel of a very important facet of our religious creed and program set forth by the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR. The word "salubrious" comes from the Latin word "salubris" meaning "healthy; wholesome; sound; useful; vigorous". Webster's dictionary defines the English derivative "salubrious" as: 1. favorable to, or promoting health or well being; invigorating; 2. spiritually wholesome; conducive to good results". It is in this context of fully promoting the health and well being of the White Race that we use this term in its true literal meaning.

We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR want to differentiate this term from "Natural Hygiene popularly used for many decades by health practitioners devoted to this worthy art and science. The two practices are in large part similar, but we prefer to use the term Salubrious Living for two reasons (a) we go one step further than Natural Hygiene and include
Eugenics as a vital part of our philosophy and, (b) as I explain in the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE, "Natural Hygiene" is not the best choice of words in describing what this subject is all about. Nevertheless we want to hereby acknowledge a large debt and deep gratitude to the study of Natural Hygiene and its illustrious contributors who, together, have
built this most valuable of all health philosophies.

Paperback, 256 pp

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