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5-11-2018: Dr. Herman Greife-Jewish Run Concentration Camps In The Soviet Union (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Dr. Herman Greife-Jewish Run Concentration Camps In The Soviet Union (BOOK)
An Anti-Communist book from 1937 which revealed that Communist Jews were the commandants of 11 out of the 12 main Stalinist-era Gulags, or concentration camps, including the camp system directors Matvei Berman and Hershel Jehuda. Ultimately, some 14 million people would be detained in the 53 camps which operated from 1934 to 1953. According to official Soviet data, some 1,053,829 people died in the camps from various causes. The modern-day Russian industrial cities of the Arctic, such as Norilsk, Vorkuta, and Magadan, were originally Gulags. About This Book; Preface to the 1937 Edition; Chapter One: The Jewish Terror Grips Russia; Chapter Two: The Origin of the Compulsion Workers; Chapter Three: The Cry for Redemption of the Exiles; Chapter Four: The Division of the Compulsion Workers; Chapter Five: The Construction of the Stalin White Sea Canal; Notes. 68 Pages

5-1-2018: Earnest Sevier Cox-Lincoln’s Negro Policy (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Earnest Sevier Cox-Lincoln’s Negro Policy (BOOK)
The famous work by foremost American racial thinker E.S. Cox which reveals that Abraham Lincoln-and many other famous American politicians and Founding Fathers-regarded the only solution to America's racial problems as the wholesale repatriation of all blacks back to Africa. This repatriation plan was also supported by millions of blacks. Their organizations and leadership-including the Paul Cuffe, Henry M. Turner, Marcus Garvey, and M. M. L. Gordon-are also reviewed. Abraham Lincoln repeatedly advocated repatriation of blacks to land of their own. Cox's research shows that, contrary to allegations from some sources that he changed his views regarding this matter, he was making plans to establish a colony in Africa for blacks only days before he was assassinated. Even Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation contained his intention in this regard: "I, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, President of the United States, do hereby proclaim and declare that it is my purpose upon the next meeting of Congress to again recommend . . . the immediate or gradual abolishment of Slavery . . . and that the effort to colonize persons of African descent, with their consent, upon the continent or elsewhere, with the previously obtained consent of the government existing there, will be continued..." This work shows-from Lincoln's speeches and actions-that he never considered the integration of blacks into American society as an option, and repeatedly told "free Negroes" that their true destiny lay outside of America, in a "colony" of their own, either in Africa or elsewhere in the Caribbean or South America. This book also studies the work of the American Colonization Society, set up to promote the repatriation policy, and whose members included numerous American presidents such as James Monroe, James Madison, and Abraham Lincoln. 68 Pages!

5-1-2018: C-9 Report-Duty, Honor & Country (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: C-9 Report-Duty, Honor & Country (BOOK)
A Report On Concerns Of Jewish Communism And Judaism Entering The States And The Obvious Threats That It Brings To The American People. 20 Pages!

5-1-2018: Harry Elmer Barnes-Was Roosevelt Pushed Into War By Popular Demand In 1941? (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Harry Elmer Barnes-Was Roosevelt Pushed Into War By Popular Demand In 1941? (BOOK)
A Discussion Of The Paper Read By Professor Dexter Perkins Before The American Historical Association, Stevens Hotel, Chicago, December 29, 1950. 16 Pages

4-26-2018: Austin J. App Ph.D.-The ‘Holocaust’ Put Into Perspective (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Austin J. App Ph.D.-The ‘Holocaust’ Put Into Perspective (BOOK)
The Heroic Authour Takes His Time To Break Down The ‘Holohoax’ Into His Perspective Proving That The ‘Holocaust’ Could Never Be True. The Jewish (Communist/Marxist) School Teachers And Professors Are All Liars And Conditioning Our Youth With Jewish Lies. 24 Pages!!

4-25-2018: Harold Wallace Rosenthal-The Hidden Tyranny (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Harold Wallace Rosenthal-The Hidden Tyranny (BOOK)
The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976
The Hidden Tyranny, KNOWN AS, THE “ROSENTHAL DOCUMENT.” VERY SCARCE SOFTCOVER BOOKLET, 52 PAGES. This booklet contains the text of a most revealing and shocking interview of a Jew by the name of Harold Rosenthal, which was conducted in 1976, by a concerned patriot, a Walter White, Jr.. Mr. Rosenthal, an influential Jew learned in the Jewish ways and involved in the workings of government in Washington, D.C., explained the Jewish involvement and cause of the major problems we face today. 

Rosenthal, in exposing certain aspects of the 'inner invisible world of Jewry', revealed the modes and tactics Jews have used in destroying Christian civilization and covertly attaining control over our lives and governments. The result has been a 'hidden tyranny' upon us like the tyranny waged against the Saints by the red beast system of Revelation referred to as 'Mystery Babylon'.

But how could such a small number of Jews enslave so many people and gain such an overwhelming control over their governments, especially without their being aware of it? The answer to this may be found in Christ's parable of the unjust steward, which represents Jewry. They are able to prevail in the world despite their ungodly ways because of their cunning and shrewd ways. As Christ said "For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light." (Luke 16:8)

In other words, the Jew, with his worldly mind set, is wiser than God's Christian people. When you read the words of Mr. Rosenthal the reality of this statement will come to light. This problem was so prevalent and important for us to overcome that Christ had instructed us to "be wise as serpents". (Matthew 10:16)

America and the world is now covered in political, economic, moral and social problems which need to be acted upon by Christian people. As Edmund Burke stated: "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." But before we can properly act we need a proper (not just a superficial) understanding of the problem. This booklet will help provide the reader with that understanding.
-Charles A. Weisman June, 1992

4-23-2018: Sanford Golden-The Jewish People And The Fight For Negro Rights (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Sanford Golden-The Jewish People And The Fight For Negro Rights (BOOK)
”The Jewish People and the Fight For Negro Rights” was first published by the Jewish section of the Communist Party in 1953. This is before the 1954 Supreme Court ruling declaring Segregation of the races unconstitutional and long before the 1964 Civil Rights bill. Evidence that this was a Communist book is clear by the “authorities”cited on pages 54-56. William Z. Foster was head of the Party from the 1920s-1940s.
Other Red leaders  cited include Negro, W.E.B. DuBois, Morris Schappes, and Victor Perlo, (a Jewish member of the Alger Hiss spy ring). Also, the “Daily Peoples World,” The west Coast Communist Paper.
The Jews and Communists have long led the fight for racial integration knowing that it would weaken anti-Communist White Resistance. Their ultimate goal is the creation of a Socialist state. This has almost been achieved... 
It should be noted that both the NAACP and ACLU were in great measure founded by Jews. The NAACP uses the force of law to bring about the intermingling of races and the ACLU’s purpose is to eliminate all public manifestation of Christianity.
Few people today know that for four decades Jews served as the Presidents Of The NAACP and were it’s chief financiers. The NAACP was founded by Jewish Brothers, Joel and Arthur Spingarn along with the communist leader, Negro, W.E.B. DuBois. Joel Spingarn owned Harcourt Publishing Co., and served as NAACP President from 1930 until his death in 1939. His brother, Arthur Spingarn, then took over as President in 1940. After his death the millionaire Boston shoe manufacturer, Kivie Kaplan, became President in 1996. Finally, the Jews turned the NAACP over to its first black head, Thurgood Marshall.
The fruits of their labor are visible with more interracial couples and their mixed race offspring on the street today than ever before. The original goal is the Mongrelization of the races-except for their own Jewish race. They segregate themselves from other races through many devices such as private Jewish Birthright Tours to Israel for young people. They cite this as instilling nationalist feelings among Jews which results in their marrying their own kind.

4-23-2018: Revilo P. Oliver-The Black Muslims (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Revilo P. Oliver-The Black Muslims (BOOK)
Professor Oliver's take on the development of the radical, militant black supremacist group, the Nation of Islam, as as it was unfolding. 24 Pages!

4-21-2018: Martin Morgan-Roosevelt And The Illuminati (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Martin Morgan-Roosevelt And The Illuminati (BOOK)
The Roosevelt Mind 100 Years Ago. There Is A Plan... An Illuminati Symbol! This Symbol Is To Be Found Upon The Back Of Our $1 Bills. Look And See! It Is Also To Be Found Upon The Reverse Side Of The Great Seal Of These United States. Who Put It There And How Many Know It To Be There? What does It Mean And Why Has It RECENTLY Appeared On Our Currency?
The Answer To These Questions Is Revealed In the Roosevelt Saga.
Scarce, 24 Page Booklet!

4-11-2018: Henry H. Klein-Collected Essays (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Henry H. Klein-Collected Essays (BOOK) 
Three selcted essays from Henry H. Klein. Features a few huge topics in America: including:  FRANKFURTER OVER THE WHITE HOUSE, BARUCH OVER THE CONGRESS, ROCKEFELLER OVER THE WORLD. 28 Pages!!
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