5-21-2016: Necrogod-Pactum Satanicum (CD)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Necrogod-Pactum Satanicum (CD) Within A Deluxe 4 Panel Digipack, Limited To Only 500 Copies And First 100 Copies Being A Die Hard Edition, With An 11x17 Poster, Embroided Patch And Stickers. This Full Length Album Invokes Satan With 13 Tracks Of Pure Satanic Bestial Black Metal, Reaching The Darkest Depths Of The Abyss; Necrogod (Also Known As "Warlock 666" From Russia) Return With Their Original Name Punishing The Heavens, Once Again, Bringing Fourth The Cunt Raped Nuns To Their Shit Stinking Altar Blasphemized And Destroyed. Jesus, Crucified Upon The Four Armed Cross Of Death. The Stench Of His Rotting Flesh And The Devoted Sacrifice To The End Of Christianity; This Album Is A Dick Slap In The Face Of All Christian Scum, Worthless, People.   BMC044

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