8-4-2010 Mutiilation-Grim Farewell 1991-2009

Mutiilation-Grim Farewell (7" EP) A Farewell Planned By Mutiilation and BMC Records. Known As A Bootleg, But Was Planned By Me And Meyhna'ch. No matter what the trendies say.. Limited and Hand Numbered To 300 Copies. Features A Exclusive Track "Born Under The Masters Spell." First 100 Copies Are "Die Hard Editions," The Vinyl Is Highest Quality Made, Clear Red Vinyl NOT Cloudy Filled Bullshit. BMC012


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  • Wayne - September 14, 2011

    Great fukin vinyl release.I was witness to this being official. Fuck anyone who says otherwise. DTL can get into the ovens with the rest of the Jews

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