1-31-2012: Weißen Nur Einen Tag-Aryan Black Metal (CD/DVD)

Weißen Nur Einen Tag-Aryan Black Metal Ep (CD/DVD) Solo Project Of Demogorgon 88 From Xilentium, Ravensbruck 666, And Under Crimson Moon. In This Work, I Turn Not To Strangers, But To Those Followers Of The Movement. Whose Hearts Belong To It, And Who Not Only Support, But Stand By Another With Pride. Interlude By Draugluin (Thyrronas) All Artwork Done By: Carlos Jovel and Demogorgon 88. Official Video Made By: Adriana Malditanokt. 5 Tracks Limited To Only 100 Copies As double disc (CD/DVD) with a 6 panel cover and double sided back insert. BMC022 ***SOLD OUT


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  • Obscurus - February 09, 2012

    True as fuck NSBM. Blows away any NS band ive heard from the USA. FUCK JEWS

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