Patris-Servants Of Hellenism (CD) with 8 Page Booklet, 4 tracks of 20 minutes total duration of Hellenic Nationalist propaganda In Vein Of Necromantia, Hate Forest And Hints Of Blasphemy. The Recording On This Release Are Not The Free PROMO Downloads That Have Circulated. The Tracks Have Been Fully Re-Recorded In Studio Exclusively For The Release. Limited And Hand Numbered To 100 Copies 1ST PRESS ON CD. **BANNED IN GERMANY. BMC024 **SOLD OUT

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  • nikos - August 18, 2014

    Hi! when the lp version will be released?
    thank you

  • Alessandro - June 17, 2013

    Hi! this release already available in LP? what is the value? I am very interested. I await response. thank you


  • Andrew Williams - November 24, 2012

    This album is sick all over, from the artwork to the music to the lyrics. Riffs are clean sounding and filled with pride. The vocals are unexpected but fit really well. Hails to Minotaur and Black Metal Cult for this release

  • Aryan Beast - August 01, 2012

    This fukin album kicks so much ass. Hails to you for puttin out such a fine piece of helenic art

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