7-21-2018 Colonel William Potter Gale-Race And National Identity (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: COLONEL WILLIAM POTTER GALE-Racial And Nation Identity (BOOK)
This booklet has been prepared for Aryan Christians in the hope that it will provide a better understanding of the Holy Scriptures. The Bible is not the history of ALL races. It is the history and guidebook for the WHITE RACE (NOT THE THE JEW) and begins with Adam. See Genesis 5:1, “This is the book of the generation (race) of Adam.” Therefore, since Adam was the first White man, the Asiatic and black races could not have come from him. One cannot be older than his father. It is sheer folly to claim that God would violate His Own Law that kind begets like kind, and bring forth black and yellow people from white parents (Adam and Eve). In Genesis 1: 27 we read of the creation of the early races as “male and female.” We read also that God rested after His work (creations), and it is not until after His rest that the Bible tells us in Genesis 2:5, “…and there was not a MAN to till the ground.” Correctly translated, the word “man” should read Adam. (See Young’s Analytical Concordance.) Properly used, the name “Adam” puts a completely different complexion upon the entire Bible story and supplies correct answer for questions that have previously caused confusion amongst the Christians. As we unravel this error concerning Adam, we learn that the Bible is written specifically to and for the White race. It is well recognized that the White race is the agricultural race (Genesis 2:5) while the other races have been only nomads and hunters. It has been the White man who has carried civilization and progress to every part of the globe since the days of Adam. 20 Pages!!!
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