8-24-2018: Diamond In The Dust-Ian Stuart Biography (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Diamond In The Dust-Ian Stuart Biography (BOOK)
Ian Stuart, like so many young men dreamed of a career in rock’n’roll but when in 1977 he formed Skrewdriver, a punk group based in North West England, no-one could have predicted the roller-coaster ride that he was about to endure. With two singles and an album recorded Skrewdriver were heading for the dizzy heights of rock stardom, but when their concerts became battlegrounds and gained the band a reputation that saw them banned from London’s venues, disowned by their record label and slaughtered in the music press most people would have put it down to experience and shuffled off into a day job. It is testament to the resilience of Ian Stuart that against staggering odds he refused to be defeated. Nazi Rock Star records this historical journey that started as a highly rated punk vocalist mixing with likes of The Sex Pistols, Bob Geldof, Iggy Pop, Sting and Suggs of Madness to National Front demonstrators, Ku Klux Klan leaders and Skinhead recruits for the Blood and Honour organisation that he founded in 1987. Record shops refused to sell his albums - yet they sold thousands. His concerts were starved of publicity - yet even his enemies would admit that he could easilly fill venues as big as the Royal Albert hall. This remarkable indepth story traces his early beginnings in Blackpool through to his death as a National Socialist and Skinhead legend. We’ve all heard stories about rebellious rock stars, but this is a truly unique account of a Rebel with a cause, and one who lived through the pain, pressure and pride that was his life.
Footnote: We have decided to reproduce this biography of Ian Stuart online so that this excellent publication can be read by the thousands of White comrades across this planet who remember Ian from the paper sales, leaflet drives, the fights with the reds, the marches, the fabulous gigs and the unforgettable evenings that we enjoyed in his company. It's also here for the many thousands more who never had the pleasure of meeting the great man in person or hearing his work live and have become followers of our Cause through the legacy he left us - his unique and beautiful music prison cell, gaoled merely for writing and distributing this book by the same scum who murdered Ian, the Zionist Occupational Government and their Shabbaz Goy lackeys. Originally published in 2004, all known bulk copies of this document are now in the hands of the Thought Police and comrades have or are currently serving time for allegedly distributing it. 100 Pages!
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