10-28-2017: James Battersby-The Holy Book Of Adolf Hitler (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: James Battersby-The Holy Book Of Adolf Hitler (BOOK)
THE HOLY BOOK OF ADOLF HITLER, is called by many the Bible of neo-Nazism and of esoteric Hitlerism. This powerful work not only examines the successes and triumphs of Adolf Hitler, it additionally provides an inspiring template for the reunification of the West under the banner of a strong, pro-White government that will not bow down to the forces of money or jews. The history of the Germanic peoples are traced back into antiquity, the contemporary problems of the day are examined in an even light, and the corresponding destiny of the people of the West is laid bare for all to see. There are two parts to this book 'The German Revelation' & 'The Book of Aryan Wisdom and Laws'. Battersby covers many different topics explaining Germany's role and what was really happening during WWII. This is a must read for students of National Socialism.
''For the Germanic peoples true religion is founded in race.”
First published in Britain in 1952. 40 Pages
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