8-24-2018: Aryan Blood / Holocaustus / Wulfhere / Krigsrop-Aryan Revival Metal (CD)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Aryan Blood / Holocaustus / Wulfhere / Krigsrop-Aryan Revival Metal (CD)
Huge 4 Way Split, Featuring A Collection Of Classic Proud Aryan Bands Before Cenosrship And The Current Weakened, Diverse, Multicultural “Scene,” Full Of Mongrelized Socialist Black Metal (M.S.B.M) Bands In “National Socialism” Had Ever Existed; Or Before The Communist Race Mixers Started Integrating As Our “Comrades.” This Split Gives Homage To Them, Who Are Proud, White And Aryan Race! For The Glory Of Our History, The Future Should Never Weaken. Where There Is White Power, There Can Never Be Mongrel Pride! We Have Let The Music In Our “Scene,” Integrate Like Our Schools, Our Countries, Our Race! They Have Sold Out The Segregation We Once Cherished In Our Music “Culture” And Split It Amongst Any Mongrel Who Is Willing To Throw A Dollar At Them Or Be Their Number One “Fan!” We Need The Revival Of “Aryan Spirit” And Segregated Strength (Not Diversity). We Need NOT To Rely On Other Races But Our Own! Once The White Race Mongrelize, You Can Never Be Unmongrelized. This Homage Split Goes To All The Aryan Warriors Who Fight For An Aryan Homeland And Always Stand For Racial And National Identity! Features Of This Split: Wulfhere-Rising Tides (Demo), Aryan Blood (14 Track Compilation), Krigsrop-Victory Or Valhalla (Demo), Holocaustus-The First Decade (21 Tracks Compilation). This Split Is 47 Tracks, 2xCD, 6 Panel Deluxe Edition, Digipack, Limited To Only 500 Copies! UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY! BMC055
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  • NSBM - August 17, 2018

    I want comrade! Hail88 from Hungary

  • Edgar Guerra - August 14, 2018

    Want it

  • Kikekiller88 - August 09, 2018

    Is this going to feature new material by Aryan Blood or is this split just going to contain past material? Will there be any new music exclusive to this release?

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