7-30-2018: Benjamin H. Freedman-Zionism (The Hidden Tyranny) (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Benjamin H. Freedman-The Hidden Tyranny (BOOK)
A True Story, to anyone who is researching or writing any book concerning the twentieth century. This document is mandatory reading, and it elucidates from the perspective of Benjamin H. Freedman on little known events that have determined world history from World War One to today. As he became active in politics he became acquainted with many important people, and had intimate conversations with seven presidents of the United States, and who in his words, “he lambastes as seven masters of deception who have incurred their guilt by debasing their solemn oaths of office on behalf of undisclosed domestic and foreign principles without any apparent qualms or misgivings, and to enhance their political fortunes totally oblivious of the threat to United States security and survival.” Continuing his tirade, he says “these seven masters of deception knowingly and willingly in effect and in fact ‘poisoned the wells’ of security and survival for the United States. Without any evident scruples, they individually betrayed the sacred traditions enshrined in the letter and spirit of their oaths of office.” He opines “the deception is primarily responsible for the desperate predicament in which the United States today finds itself in the Middle East. “ If you’re well acquainted and have enlightened yourself with research on many of these named ‘twentieth century players’ in this unfolding drama, you’ll find this book to be an absolutely fascinating educational experience. 40 Pages!
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