6-6-2018: Heinrich Himmler-The Subhumans (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Heinrich Himmler-The Subhumans (BOOK)
A superb-quality digital copy taken from the original: contains the fully professional completely accurate and complete English translation. Der Untermensch ("The Underman") is possibly the Third Reich's most famous, misquoted, and misrepresented publication ever. First issued in 1942 by the SS head office under the direct orders of Heinrich Himmler, The Underman has ever since been portrayed as "anti-Slavic," "anti-Russian," and "anti-Jewish." In fact only the third allegation has any truth to it. The "anti-Slavic" and "anti-Russian" claims are merely the product of postwar propaganda, reliant on the fact that almost no one would have the chance to actually read the publication for themselves. The reason for this was that after the war, the Allied occupying powers in Germany ordered all copies of the publication seized and burned. As a result, only a tiny handful were saved, and it is from one of these very few surviving copies, that this edition has been prepared. In addition to its rarity, the text has also never been correctly and fully translated into English, a fact which has greatly eased the task of those seeking to distort what it actually says. This edition contains English inserted in exactly the same position as the original German text, in order to best represent the original meaning. English language only. 56 Pages!
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