10-31-2016: Patris-Servants Of Hellenism (CD)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Patris-Servants Of Hellenism (CD). Re-Recorded, Mixed And Mastered In Athens, Hellas During 2015. The First Version Of "Servants Of Hellenism" Was Released In 2012, Limited To Only 100 Copies. Now, Re-Released And Limited To 500 Copies On Pro CD, Within A Noble 6 Panel Digipak. Patris Plays H.N.B.M. (Hellenic Nationalist Black Metal). This Album Is Dedicated To All The Renowned And Unknown Greek Warriors Who Have Been Fighting Throughout The Mellennia Of The Greek History For The Defense Of The Hellenic Race, Land And Spirit From The External And Internal Enemies Of Hellas, To Those Who Always Stand Few Against Many... To The Servants Of Hellenism. BMC049
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