9-15-2017: Robert Faurisson-Is The Diary Of Anne Frank Genuine? (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Robert Faurisson-Is The Diary Of Anne Frank Genuine? (BOOK)
Possibly the biggest Hoax ever perpetrated on the population of the world, second only to the supposed "Holocaust" itself, is the Diary of Anne Frank. Robert Faurisson, a French literature Professor at the University of Lyon in central France, and an eminent "Holocaust" historian, proves that almost all of the "diary" was written by Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank. Documentation to support this truth includes the fact, among many others, that the manuscript was written with a ball point pen, the invention of which occurred after the war. Ann Frank died of typhus in March, 1945, before the end of World War II. Possibly the one book that is read by more students that any other in America, is the Diary of Ann Frank - a total HOAX! Robert Faurisson
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