10-22-2018: Xilentium-White Power (CD)

Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Xilentium-White Power (CD)
 A Rare Compilation Of Previously Released Tracks From An Older Demo, Full Length Album & Split. Limited Edition, 500 Copies, In A Deluxe Digipack Edition. This Album Being Simply Entitled “White Power.” Xilentium Is Unabashed National Socialist Black Metal. This Album Spans 12 Years Of Relentless Conviction And Devotion From The Demo 2007, Purity For All Aryans And The Terror Cult Division Split. This Album Is 18 Tracks Long! This Work (As Always) Is A Dedication to Adolf Hitler, Mariusz "Szczery" Szczerski, Aryan Nations (Pastor Richard G. Butler) & All Aryan Warriors Who Publish Literature For Our Race & Stand And Fight When All Hope Is Lost. White Power! BMC059
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