Blood Red Eagle-Teutonic Atavism (CD)


Blood Red Eagle-Teutonic Atavism (CD)



Slipcase sleeve edition (rare)

"10 Track cd exclusive to Blood & Honour Finland Magazine"
Black pro-CDr.

Limited to 250 copies + Blood & Honour - Finland Magazine #2

taken from CD album "An Evil Shall Break Forth" (Viking Thunder Records)

"Viking Power Rock and Roll"
taken from "Return to Asgard" (Barracuda Records)

"Bloodlust" & "A Heroes Thanks"
previously Unreleased

"As the Winds Change Direction (Part 2)"
taken from the upcoming CD album "Burning Down The Churches" (Free Your Mind Productions)

"The Age of Discontent"
taken from the upcoming CD "Australiana" (Pure Impact Records)

taken from "The Warrior EP" 12 Vinyl (Barracuda Records)

"The Death of Light"
taken from upcoming CD

"Wotan's Volk / The New Kings" & "Rebel Flag"
previously unreleased, Recorded live at ISD Australia, September 2004

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