George Lincoln Rockwell-White Power (BOOK)


George Lincoln Rockwell-White Power (BOOK)


White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell (Complete Unabridged Hardcover Edition)

As a Commander and Navy fighter pilot in both World War II and Korea, Rockwell realized that everything for which he had been fighting had been turned over to the Communists. "America was in the hands of arrogant gangs of 'minority' agitators and power manipulators," says Rockwell. He became a "conservative," but decided that anyone too frightened to name the actual enemy (Jews and Negroes) would be worthless in the rough and tumble fight to come.

In 1958, alone and without funds, he hung up the Swastika and proclaimed his intention to do for the White People of this country what Adolf Hitler had done for the Germans... rescue them from the International Jewish Communist conspiracy.

In nine years, Commander Rockwell has built a worldwide White People's movement. He has made the American Nazi Party a force in his Native America, and has given millions of discouraged White Americans the spark and the leadership to stand up at last for "WHITE POWER."

This book, "WHITE POWER" will shock and frighten you... and then show the way to the dawn of a new day for White People; a day when America will be ALL-WHITE, dedicated as it was (before the parasitic minority groups schemed into power) to the principles which made our Western Civilization and America great,


Note: This is the John McLaughlin edition, complete and unabridged. A facsimile reprint of the original first pressing. Some WN leaders demanded that some passages were expurgated for later editions. This is the book how Rockwell wrote it in its original intended form. This edition is very rare and out of print. Amazon refuses to sell this title. Comes shrink-wrapped.

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