German Imperial War (FLAG)


German Imperial War (FLAG)


German Imperial War Flag

or German Imperial Navy Flag

WWI Flag of the German Imperial Army or Navy

We have not found any flag like this on the internet. Most war flags have the eagle in the middle. The actual flag that is delivered has thin red lines outlining the black cross.

Kaiserliche Marine is the german name for German Navy

German Imperial Flag (Reich War Flag or Reichskriegsflagge) was the official name of the German flag of war from 1867 to 1945. The design shown here was in use from 1903 - 1918, and was flown throughout World War I. It has the Black Iron Cross, and in the center a white circle with the Prussian Eagle (this eagle can also be seen on the Kingdom of Prussia Flag). This flag was also used in protest against the German government (Weimar Republic) by right wing groups in the 1920's and 1930's, including some use by National Socialist groups. The display of this flag for that purpose continues to present day.

Kaiser Wilhelm appointed Alfred von Tirpitz head of the Imperial Naval Office in 1897 to spearhead the expansion of the German Navy

Wilhelm II in 1913

Only 1 units of this product remain

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