Goat fire-Fiendish Ruminations


Goat fire-Fiendish Ruminations


Banned on discogs

Compilation of all 5 demo tapes. Limited to 1000 copies.

Tracks 1-3 from "A Chant In The Wood" Cass (Hellflame, 1995).
Tracks 4-7 from "Floating In A Bloodsea" Cass (Hellflame, 1997).
Tracks 8-11 from "Adorned In Black Blood" Cass (Hellflame, 1997).
Tracks 12-14 from "Gutted Hell" Cass (Hellflame, 1998).
Tracks 15-17 from "A Grand Danse Macabre" Cass (Hellflame, 1998).
Track 18 is an unreleased bonus track.

"Thunder Verses" and "Adorned In Black Blood" are listed separately on the release, but are indexed on the same track on the actual CD.

Comes with a 4 page insert in a clear jewel case.

Durations do not appear on the release.

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