Nachtmystium-The First Attacks - Demos 2000-2001 (CD)


Nachtmystium-The First Attacks - Demos 2000-2001 (CD)


This is a collection of the Nachtmystium demos. This collection was assembled from the original 4 track tapes and remastered for this release. However, many of the songs on this CD are lacking in sound quality due to the equipment they were recorded on.
We can assure you that there has been absolutely no digital editing on any of these tracks in order to preserve the original, extremely raw sound we had intended upon when recording these tracks. These tracks do not represent Nachtmystium's sound today, but are an essential testimony to our past. We raise our chalices to all those who have been supporting us since the days of these demos, this release is for you.

On behalf of Nachtmystium,

"Holocaust of Eternity" demo originally self-released, then re-issued by Sombre Records on cassette. Both releases were limited to 200 and sold out.

"Nachtmystium / Zalnik split" demo self-released, limited to 200, sold out.

Tracks 11 - 12 recorded during "Unholy Terrorist Cult" sessions and were never released until now.

Track 13 recorded in a session between Nachtmystium/Zalnik split and the "Reign of the Malicious" LP recordings, never released until now.

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