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We are an Aryan-National Socialist Black Metal Record Label, Ideological Book Shop and more! Established on November 29th, 2007, by Pastor David J. Miner in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize and take pride in supporting and promoting white race; fighting, side by side, through life’s struggle. The Germanic insistence upon racial purity is a fundamental axiom of Aryan population and race policy. The strength of the German Centre of Aryan renaissance, and indeed of the whole Aryan world, depends basically upon honoring the racial and eugenic ideals emphasized by Adolf Hitler. In "Mein Kampf," He wrote: "Hybridism, with the resulting degradation of the biological level of the race, was the sole reason of the decadence of the old civilizations. For it is a fact that nations do not perish in consequence of lost wars, but in consequence of the loss of that force of resistance which has its only origin in the preservation of racial purity. For everything which is not racially pure is mere chaff. All events of historical importance have, whether in a good or evil sense, been the outward and visible expression of the instinct of races either for their self preservation  or their self-destruction."

“The world will witness not only the collapse of international Jewish capitalism and of the British Empire, which has been its chief instrument, but also, in the religious sphere, the unmasking of religious hypocrisy, particularly of the Roman Church. The International capitalist Jew has always used the Press and Priest to deceive the peoples of the earth. These are the very Scribes and Pharisees warned by Jesus of Nazareth of the Judgment that would come upon them in ‘the last days.” “At the same time there will be preached to mankind the religious message of world socialism, of the truth summarized in the words of Adolf Hitler, “Our world of ideas will become the common property of all peoples, even of our enemies, through this struggle. . . My only enemy is International Jewish Finance.... National Socialism is even more than a religion. It is the will to make mankind anew.” The Christian Bible, as also the Holy Books of other world religions, have foretold a Day of Judgment, and the End of the World. This has never meant the end of everything and everybody. It is rather that Mammon civilization, based upon Gold or International Jewish Capitalism, will fall, and God’s Judgment will be directed upon the citadels of false religion and capitalist social organization. Revelations 17 and 18 of the Christian Bible describe the culmination exactly. This verily is the Day of Judgment, and the spirit of Christ, the Eternal Spirit that was shown to the world in Adolf Hitler, is bringing the nations before the Great Judgment Throne. As He himself said, “Every nation and every individual is being weighed in the balances, and those found wanting will fall. God will be a Just Judge.” So, as these events develop, with a mathematical certainty and under the Sure Guidance of God, Holy and Eternal Germany will once again, and with the blessing of Providence, take her destiny into her hands. For God has indeed called this People, now to be allied with all non-Semitic peoples throughout the world, to the leadership of the universe and of all mankind. In the soul of Germania is the Sacred Call conceived of the Eternal German Gospel and the Eternal Adolf Hitler. In her mind is known the logical development, fulfillment and certainty of victory after her centuries of striving. To her hands will spring a Sword of Vengeance and Divine Wrath, God-ordained and given to purge the world of its evil. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord.” Even so, come Lord God, to reclaim the world for thy Rule and System, with thy chosen people, the Aryans of the world, and thy system, World National Socialism. All hail to God’s Chosen and the Redeemer of the Gentiles to all Eternity, Adolf Hitler! Sieg Heil!

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