(0) Benjamin H. Freedman-Zionism A White Paper (BOOK)

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Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Benjamin Freedman-Zionism A White Paper (BOOK)
Zionism, The Hidden Tyranny
The Issue That Dwarfs All Other Issues
The Power Which Promotes And Directs Chaos In Order To Lay Low All Civilization In Preparation For Well-Outlined Plan For Dictatorship.

The Author:

“I Have Known Benjamin Freedman Personally And Intimately For More Than 20 Years.

In 1946 He Founded The League For Peace With Justice In Palestine. He Has Spent A Private Fortune Fighting Zionist To Fulfill The Conspiratorial Ambitions Of International Hidden Handed Personalities And Organizations. 

He Passed Every Acid Test Necessary To establish Integrity, Loyalty To High Principle And Trustworthy Friendship.

No Man Is Hated And Despised By The Zionist Jew Machine In This World More Than The Author Of This Brochure. He Has Suffered Every Known Technique Of Persecution. He Has Never Winced, Retreated Or Compromised In his Expression Of Deep Convictions.

I Would Bet My Life On The Integrity And The Intelligence And The Responsibility Of This Man.”

-Gerald Smith

20 Pages!

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