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Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Gerhard Hahn-Christian Cross & Swastika (BOOK)
This is a translation of a pamphlet produced by a leader of the German Christian movement, an attempt to resurrect Germany with Christian Identity. The Reich put a lot of effort into the movement, were even blessed soldiers. Adolf Hitler knew the Jews were liars, manipulators of our history and books. Martin Luther exposed them of this years ago, we must not forget. Here is documents showing the Reich and Adolf Hitler’s passion for Christian Identity, NOT the modern day “Jüdeo-Christianity” that the Communist try to preach to our children and families. 
A Mighty Fortress is our God!
Luther’s song and the Deutschlandlied —
They should be in harmony!
Church and people
They should stand together inseparably in joy and sorrow, in death and need!
The cross of Christ and the swastika —
They should and must stand alongside each other!
The source: Gerhard Hahn, Christuskreuz und Hakenkreuz,Schriftenreihe der “Deutschen Christen” Hannovers, Nr. 1 (1934). 20 Pages

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