(0) Honor-Under The Sign Of The Eagle (BOOK)

Black Metal Cult Records

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Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Honor-Under The Sign Of The Eagle (BOOK)
The Band, Honor, First Joined The Scene In 1989, Promoting The Most Inspirational White Power Rock Against Communist Metal. Featured In This Book: Very Rare Interview With Mariusz Just Before He Left Us, The Honor Discography In Detail And A Biography Of The Band From the Beginning. Here It Is, 2018, Unlike Many, They Still Stand. This Book Shows The Force Of Relentless Courage. In Honor And Memory, It Is The Krew I Honor! For All Unabashed White People World Wide Who Support The Radical Terrorism And Are Proud Of Your White Race Even In The Eyes Of Your Enemy. This Band, Honor, Is A Testament For The White Race. Heroes Never Die! 32 Pages!

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