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Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Ralph F. Keeling-Gruesome Harvest (BOOK)
The Allies’ Postwar War Against The German People And The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People Of Germany.
On May 8, 1945-V-E Day- The Shooting Ended In Europe. But, Shockingly, The War Against Germany Went On. Roosevelt, Stalin And Churchkill Had Decreed That The German People Must Suffer-And Suffer They Did. Driven From Their Homes, Looted Of Their Property, Decimated By Famine And Disease, Raped, Robbed, And Enslaved, Millions Of Germans-Most Of Them Women And Children-Bore The Brunt Of What Time Magazine Called “History’s Most Terrifying Peace.”
Gruesome Harvest Was One Of The First Books In America To Sound The Alarm Against The Victor’s Postwar War Against Germans. Bristling With Contemporary Documentation, Burning With Humanitarian And Patriotic Outrage, This Informed, Riveting Classic Dares To Tell The Shamefull Story Of How American And Allied Policy Makers Undertook The Political, Economic, And Social Destruction Of The German People Even As They Presumed To Instruct Them In “Justice” And “Democracy.”
Today, As The Propaganda War Against The Germans Wears On In The Media And Academic Life, Gruesome Harvest Tells A Vital Story, One That Must Not Be Supressed Or Forgotten.
“If War Should Come, Whichever Side May Claim Ultimate Victory, Nothing Is More Certain Than That Victor And Vanquished Alike Would Glean A ‘Gruesome Harvest’ Of Human Misery And Suffering.”
-Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
July 31, 1939. To The House Of Commons
100 Pages!

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