Azaghal-Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (CD)

Evil Omen


- Jani Loikas played bass on this recording.

All music by Narqath, except 9 composed and performed by Haerleif Langas.
All lyrics by Narqath, except 5 by Narqath & Vuohikuningas.

Recorded in July '99 at the Cursed Studio.
Produced and mixed by Jani Loikas and Narqath.

The album's title is "The Nine Circles of Hell" translated into English from Finnish.

English translation of the album tracks:

1. At King Pest's Court
2. The One to Come
3. Like Thousands Winterstorms
4. Transylvania
5. When the Sun Died
6. Armageddon
7. In Vaults of Death
8. Towards the Dawning of a New Era
9. The Ninth Circle of Hell

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