Burzum-Dauði Baldrs (CD)

Dead Ringer


 Recorded late 1994 / early 1995. This instrumental album is basically the soundtrack to the story of Balder.

Album recorded while in prison for church burning and the murder of Euronymous. He wasn't allowed any musical instruments in prison, so he made this album entirely with the MIDI sound format.

Though there are lyrics in the booklet, the music itself doesn't have any vocals. The text is to inform the reader about what the atmosphere surrounding the songs themselves should be, or rather, what the songs should feel like in general.

English translation of the titles:
1. The Death Of Balder
2. Hermodr On A Journey To Hel
3. Balder's Burning
4. In Hel's Home
5. Ill Tidings
6. Towards Ragnarok

Some copies have a huge typo on the name Burzum with the letter M missing from the cover.
Promo came with different cover art than shown here and it was titled "Balders Dod".

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