Burzum-Hliðskjálf (CD)

Dead Ringer


 Hliðskjálf is the name of Odin's throne.

Recorded during summer 1998. Varg used full keyboard sound instead of MIDI this time.

Though there are lyrics in the booklet, the music itself doesn't have any vocals. The text is to inform the reader about what the atmosphere surrounding the songs themselves should be, or rather, what the songs should feel like in general.

Cover art by Tanya Stene.

Song titles in English are:
1. Tuisto's Heart
2. The Death of Wotan
3. Warriors of Ansuzgarda
4. The Love of Nerthus
5. Frijo's Lonesome Mourns
6. The Power of Empathy
7. Frijo's Golden Tears
8. The Crying Hadnur

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