Dismal Euphony - Soria Moria Slott (CD)

Napalm Records


1st Press
Choir on "Isgrav ..." by Ole, Austrheim & Asbjorn
Flute on this album played by Asbjorn
Female melody-lines created by Keltziva

"Soria Moria Slott" was recorded in April 1996, mixed in July/Aug. 1996 at West
Audio, Stavanger, w/Torbjørn Solum.
Mixed & mastered by Dismal Euphony and Torbjørn Solum

Front-cover photo by Espen Helgesen (c) 1995
"Dismal Euphony" & "Soria Moria Slott" logo by Videke Tveiten
SMS artwork by Scott Crinklaw (c) 1995
Photography by Espen Helgesen
"Prolog" by Jannike Tveiten

Note: Napalm Records re-released this album short after the first release of it.
The second one was remixed, had additional art-work and the bonus track
"Fortidssjeledrepte?" as # 5 on the album.

The CD was re-released again by Keltic Records, licensed exclusively by Napalm
Records. It was remastered and the CD includes 6 bonus tracks and a new layout.

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