Havohej - Dethrone the Son of God (CD)


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HAVOHEJ (Profanatica) - Dethrone The Son Of God (CD)
Without a doubt one of the most significant Black Metal releases ever!!!  Only released in 1993 on Candlelight Records, the debut full length CD "Dethrone The Son Of God" was recorded as a tribute to the mighty PROFANATICA. It features what some consider to be the best versions of many of PROFANATICA's classic blasphemies as well as a few newer tracks that PROFANATICA had never been recorded before this release.   This re-issue has reworked booklet and tray card artwork that by far rivals the original.
The album is split into two parts:
'Christ Dethroned' (tracks 1-5, these are rerecorded versions of the tracks from
Profanatica's split with Masacre (Col))
'Burning Paradise' (tracks 6-15)

Most tracks are rerecorded or possbily unused Profanatica songs.

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