Ilsa Koch-Piotr Bysiek (CD)

Winter Solace

$3.99 $9.99

1 Spam Pirates In United Arab Emirates Hacked The Winter Solace Website And Everyone Thought It Was A Marketing Gimmick, However We Continue To Resist The Digital Gonorrhea Of Bibi And The Zionist Occupied Government Military Industrial Complex! 16:10
2 This Release Is An Example Of What Happens When You Steal From Us. I Am Fucking Psychotic And People Probably Shouldn't Be In Collaboration With Me. Seriously Why Am I Fucking Doing This? Watch I'll Get An E-mail From Some Polish Fashion Model About 3 Months After This Is Released Saying This "I Am Dobroslawa Bysiek, Piotr Died When A Car Make Road Hazard Flying Explosion Through Roof Of Housing Complex In Krakow. I Not Own Metal Distribution But Send To You Years Worth Of Rolada Z Miesa Mielonego Z Pieczarkamni To Make Frozen Dry Rations For Entire Minnesota Black Metal Scene." Then Everyone Who Has This Has To Write "Not" Next To The Word "Is" On The Front Cover. Really In Theory People Will Still Probably Be Like "That Guy Is An Idiot" And I Probably Am. Do You Want To Hear A Funny Story? I Actually Typo'd The Guys Name The First Time I Made These And Didn't Realize It Until After I Took All These To The Copy Shop (This Is After The Ignition On My Car Froze And I Had To Hitch A Ride From Somebody), Went Home And Then Cut All The Covers, Made The Promotional Photo And Did The Entire Website Update. 25:24
Despite the title the album is entirely instrumental with no lyrics or vocals.

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