Mayhem (Nor) - Dawn of the Black Hearts A5 (CD)



Re-released in a DVD case as release number 001 on Anti-Grishnackh Records.
This version contains the "Pure Fucking Armageddon" demo as bonus. It also
combines "Danse Macabre" and "Black Metal" together in one track.

Tracks 1 through 8: Live in Sarpsborg, Norway, 28/2, 1990

Tracks 1-8 Lineup:
Dead - Vocals.
Euronymous - Guitar.
Necrobutcher - Bass.
Hellhammer - Drums.

Tracks 9 through 12: Live in Lillehammer 1986*

Tracks 9-12 Lineup:
Euronymous - guitar
Maniac - vocals**
Necrobutcher - bass
Manheim - drums

* Actually recorded at Follorocken in Ski, Norway 1986.
**Vocals actually done by Messiah.

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