Mystic Circle-Unholy Chronicles (1992-2004) (CD)

Massacre Records


The Album also contains a DVD with the following material:

-Awaken by blood (Album: Open the gates of hell 2003)

Live at 13.Wave Gothik Treffen 2004:
Song 1: Awaken by Blood
Song 2: Medina (Whore of Satan)
Song 3: Burning Souls
Song 4: 666 - Mark of the Devil
Song 5: God is Dead - Satan Arise
Song 6: Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost cover)
Song 7: Open the Gates of Hell

Additional Live Tracks:
1-Live at Fun & Crust Festival 14.08.2004: Satanic Rituals
1-Live at Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg 20.11.2002: King of the Nibelungenhort
1-Live at Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg 20.11.2002: The Dragonslayer
1-Live at Headbangers Ballroom Hamburg 13.04.2003: Servants of twillight
1-Live at Schwimmbadclub Heidelberg 19.03.2003: Image of the antichrist
1-Live at Live Arena Muenster 15.03.2003: Hate
1-Live at Metaldayz 2003 Pratteln 02.08.2003: Awaken by blood
1-Live at Razzle Dazzle Berlin 18.04.2001: Medina (Whore of satan)
1-Live at Baroeg Rotterdam 18.10.1998: Die Götter der Urväter
1-MTV Romania 29.02.2004: Interview Mystic Circle
1-Live at Club Martin Bukarest 29.02.2004: Satanic Rituals

Interviews (Behind this Unholy Walls):

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