Nachtmystium-The First Attacks Demos (VINYL)

Zerstörungs Produktionen




This is a collection of the Nachtmystium demos
and unreleased songs. This collection was assembled
from the original 4 track tapes and remastered for
this release.

Tracks 1-5:
"Holocaust of eternity Demo"
Demo originally self-released, then re-issued by Sombre Records.
Both releases were limited to 200 and sold out.

Tracks 6-10:
"Nachtmystium / Zalnik - Split Demo"
Self-released, limited to 200, sold out.

Tracks 11-12:
Were recorded during the "Unholy Terrorist Cult"
sessions and were never released until now.

Track 13:
Recorded in a session between "Nachtmystium / Zalnik" split and the "Reign of the Malicious" LP recordings, never released until now.

LP version released in 2005 by Zerstörungs Produktionen, limited to 666 hand-numbered copies.

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