Pest-Blasphemy is my Throne (CD)

Daemonworship Productions


 * Bonus tracks taken from the "Black Thorns" demo. Only available on the CD version.
This is considered as an MLP/MCD, although bonus tracks extend the running time of CD version beyond 40 minutes.

This CD contains the first original mix of these tracks!

Recorded at Studio Helltower, February 2001
Produced by Robert Eng, Mange Pettersson & PEST
Mastered by Tobias Lessler & Robert Eng
Necro - Guitar & Vocals
Equimanthorn - Guitar & Bass
Session: Hate - Drums

released on 2008 by Daemonworship Productions containing the same material and mix as the 2002 MLP, new artwork. Limited to 1000 copies.

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