WW2 Combat Zone (DVD)

Timeless Media Group


Early in the morning on September 1, 1939, the German military launched its blitzkrieg against Poland by land, sea and air. The ill-equipped Polish Army could do nothing to stop the assault, and fell to the Germans in a matter of days. In response to the invasion, Great Britain and France declared war on Germany and WWII was underway. WWII became a global struggle when America entered the war a few months later, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Imperial Japan. The outcome was far from certain in those early days of the war, as Germany and Japan seemeed unstoppable. Combat Zone, documents the crucial early battles of WWII, as told through the personal experiences of combat veterans. From Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain, to Pearl Harbor and the fall of the Philippines, Combat Zone takes you inside the action with original footage of these bloody battles, taken by both captured enemy and allied camera operators.

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