WW2 Road To Victory (DVD)

Mill Creek Entertainment


From the Back Cover
The fiercest battles of WWII come to life as never seen before in this stunning collection of one of the most powerful epics in history.

Actual footage from all sides of the war in color. This documentary series takes you behind enemy lines and to the front lines of the tumultuous campaigns of the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific theatres where soldiers, sailors and airmen fought in the most defining time in the history of the modern world.

"WII: Road to Victory" will take you to the heart of 20 battlefronts in captivating color in this 5-disc DVD collection.

Product Description
The long and arduous road to victory for the Allied forces in World War II is chronicled here in one painful, bloody, life-consuming battle after another-ever reminding us that the price of freedom is not free. Journey to the 20 battlefields where men and women fought and won in order that liberty would prevail. 5 DVDs. 2003/color/7 hrs., 20 min/NR/fullscreen.

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