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  1. Wolftribe (PATCH)


    Official Patch
  2. (0) Black Metal Cult Records (Patch)


    Patch Limited to only 100 copies
  3. Holdaar (Patch)


    Official Patch. Limited Edition 100 Copies
  4. Baphometic-The Arrival Of Ancestral Blood (CD)


    Hard to find!!   comes with Emrboided patch!
  5. Drowning The Light/Eternum-United By Iron Will (Vinyl)


     7"EP limited to 1000 copies (first 200 copies on red vinyl and come with a patch of each band, remaining 800 copies on black vinyl and without a patch). Azgorh is a member of both bands on this split.
  6. Eljudner-Daudingekvider (Vinyl)


     LP version in limited to 500 copies. First 100 copies comes with a patch. the LP-Version contains 2 Bonustracks: 7) En Verdig Død 8) Gudsbespotteren
  7. Godcider-In Crucem Tollere (TAPE)


    Reedition of the 2009 material, originally under Fir Ghreig name, with 2 bonus tracks from 2010.   Limited to only 13 copies and given to only close comrades. Comes with a patch!
  8. Section Saint Laurent / Der Bretonische Waffenverband-Je Me Souviens (CD)


    Limited Edition Comes with an Embroided Patch and Two Stickers.
  9. Menneskerhat-Blut and Eisen (CD)


    **COMES WITH A PATCH Notes Tracks 1-6 are taken from the "Weg Zum Galgen" demo (2004) Tracks 9-14 are taken from the "Waffenbrüder" Split with Totenburg (2006) Tracks 15,16 are taken from the Split with Permafrost and Annihilation 666 (2009)...
  10. Aryan Kampf 88-Le Kombat Continue! (Limited Edition) (CD)


    Hailing From Belgium, Black Metal Cult Records Proudly Presents: Aryan Kampf 88-Le Kombat Continue! This Compilation Compiles 13 Tracks Of Demos From 2013-2015 And Some Unreleased Bonus Tracks. Hand Numbered To 500 Copies on Pro CD With An 8 Page...
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