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  1. Mor Dagor-Necropedophilia (VINYL)


    Gatefold LP version limited to 520 hand-numbered copies, each with a poster. First 111 are on red vinyl.     *This Is #61 (Red Vinyl)
  2. Gorgoroth-Demo (VINYL)


     Limited To 500 Copies.  Gold Vinyl!
  3. Cryfemal-Letanias del Necromante (Vinyl)


     Limited To 100 Copies On Gold Vinyl
  4. Revenge (Can) - Infiltration. Downfall. Death (VINYL)


     Released on vinyl
  5. Via Dolorosa-Immortal Ad Vitam (VINYL)


    Limited to only 300 copies! Mega rare!!
  6. Drowning The Light/Eternum-United By Iron Will (Vinyl)


     7"EP limited to 1000 copies (first 200 copies on red vinyl and come with a patch of each band, remaining 800 copies on black vinyl and without a patch). Azgorh is a member of both bands on this split.
  7. Drowning the Light - A Pact with Madness (Vinyl)


     Vinyl only release. Lp limited to 1000 copies
  8. Nachtmystium-Live Blitzkrieg (VINYL)


     Only on vinyl. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies. This was originally going to be a CD. AKR001
  9. Mutiilation-Grim Farewell 1991-2009 7" Gatefold NOT Die Hard Edition (Black WAX) (VINYL)


      Mutiilation Grim Farewell 1991-2009 Side A: Born Under The Masters Spell (Never Released On Vampires Vinyl) Side B: Under Ardailles Night 7" Gatefold Vinyl, Limited To Only 200/300 Copies (Black) Released On Black Metal Cult Records
  10. Suicidal Winds-Winds Of Death (VINYL)


     Vinyl version contains bonus tracks: 12. Evil Dreams 01:42 13. Master (Master cover) 02:19
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