Vandemonian - Black Metal Compilation Of Van Diemans Land (CD)


Vandemonian - Black Metal Compilation Of Van Diemans Land (CD)


This compilation CD has been released to commemorate the Nine Years and Nine Months of Asgard Musik. Its sole purpose is to promote the Van Diemans Land (Tasmanian) scene and as such is to be sold for no more than AU$5. If you pay more than AU$5 for this CD you have purchased it from an enemy of the BLACK METAL UNDERGROUND!

This was written when the cd came out.. now a collectible item.


1Nuclear Winter (2)A Raven Amongst The Dead3:11
2KapitulationPurity Of Hatred6:07
3Deathcamp*–Mutilation, Blasphemy, & Goatsblood6:42
4Kill The KristiansThe Ones That Got Away4:49
6The Black DeathDepressive Anger5:20
7StriborgDawn Of Winter5:19
8Bleak SolitudeThe Burial Of The Rats7:31
9Solitary TortureSomeone Is Waiting4:33
10Profane (8)Curse 13:33
11VedtmistIn Dark Chambers The Lye3:11
12Der NachtHassen1:33
13Scourge Of The LeperMoonlight On The Crypt2:03
14MirkThe Trees Wisdom8:25
15Temple WotanDer Untergang

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